Vimax System Review

vimax pills reviewMale Enhancement MD assigned its panel of male sexual health experts to a six-month project to completely research and test every detail on multi-levels, and to blatantly and honestly review the world’s leading male enhancement products available to you online, and over the counter.

Our large panel of researchers was divided into different groups to trial, scrutinize, and review several of the best male enhancement brands, after eliminating scammers’ products, inferior formulas, and worthless rubbish that’s hard-sold online with exaggerated claims, and fabricated hype.

Our panel of male enhancement experts was ruthless in discarding dozens of products. Each team studiously, and rigorously undertook its long-term project to research, assess, and review quality male performance products manufactured by reputable companies. The published results reveal a personal, and detailed review of what our teams collectively considered to be the only three products currently available throughout the world that deserve high praise for quality, capability, and integrity.

Gain Up To 4 Inches – Hard To Believe!

We’ve all been exposed to empty promises, and we all know it’s essential that any product we are considering purchasing must be proven to work.

Our team was definitely skeptical of the promises made by the manufacturer that claims, “Gain up to 4 inches with the Vimax System!”, and one ecstatic Vimax customer who wrote, “To my great surprise after 2 months of this treatment I felt my pants were too tight for my penis. It gained 1.5 inches in length and 0.5 in girth!”

Our panel members were keen to expose the Vimax System as a hoax, but to their astonishment, they personally experienced amazing results.

We Personally Put The Vimax System To The Test

Each of our panel members ordered the so called “proven to work” Vimax System that includes the Vimax Extender, a penis enlargement device that is approved by Doctors, penis enlargement pills, also approved by Doctors, Liquid RX Plus, a sexual performance booster, a combination of penis enlargement exercises, and a user manual.

Our panel members admitted to being embarrassed by wearing a penis extender. Several thought it would be painful, and cumbersome, but not one of our team members experienced any negative effects. In fact, they found the extender to be comfortable, and discovered it works on the penis by using the same ancient principle of traction that the African and Amazonian tribal people use to enlarge their lips, and ears.

Several of our panel members were surprised by the positive long-term results. Our group of researchers recorded before and after measurements, and overall they were pleased to note an average 20% increase in penis length, and 15% gain in girth.

Our team used Vimax penis enlargement pills in combination with the penis extender. On close inspection of the ingredients, our panel quickly recognized the Vimax formula of natural herbs is similar to many reputable male enhancement pills. The panel members agreed the ingredients have been carefully chosen to induce a strong stream of blood to the penis to expand its chambers, and create a fuller, longer lasting erection.

Our panel noted that Vimax contains some of the same herbs used in Polynesia by men of the Mangaian tribe, who on average, enjoy sexual intercourse three times a night, every night.

Our panel adhered to the Vimax program by wearing the penis extender daily, consuming the penis enlargement pills, and Liquid-RX, and utilizing the penis enlargement exercises. The panel was encouraged by significant gains in both penis length, and girth, although they did admit that the system requires considerable commitment, effort, and perseverance, to achieve optimal results.

Most Male Enhancement Pills Have Similar Ingredients

Vimax Pills are a combination of all natural ingredients, including Dodder Seed, Epimedium Sagittatum, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng, Tribulus Terestris, Saw Palmetto, Hawthorne Berry, Inosine Anhydrous, Avena Sativa, Cayenne Pepper, and Magnesium Stearate. And Liquid-RX is a combination of Muira Puama, Catuaba, Betel Nut, Prickly Ash, Maca, Distilled Water, and Ethanol.

One of our researchers contacted Vimax to find out why the company provides very little information on the herbs used to produce Vimax Pills, and Liquid-RX. The company’s Marketing Manager didn’t feel the need to bog down its readers with botanical information that’s difficult for most to understand, and absorb.

The manager insisted that most male enhancement pills have similar ingredients, and due to the fact that a plethora of detailed herbal information already exists on the net, in his view, it is totally unnecessary to duplicate the information on the Vimax site.

You Can Trust Vimax To Be On Time, And Discreet

We tested the Vimax ordering system by making several online transactions using two different credit cards. In the US, standard shipping took six days for our package to be delivered, whereas express shipping only took one day. We also organized shipping to the UK via an associate, where standard shipping took four weeks to reach its destination, and only nine days via express shipping.

Each package was discreetly wrapped with no visible clue that it contained a penis enlarger device, penis enlarger pills, a liquid sexual performance booster, and a manual of instructions, and penis enlargement exercises.

We Lied About Our Results To Test The Money Back Guarantee

To complete our research, we tested the guarantee. After six months we returned one package with a request for our money to be refunded. The full purchase price was returned, and not a single question was asked.

Vimax Is A Complete And Unique Male Enhancement System

Our panel has placed Vimax a very close third in the world’s best male enhancement stakes. Our team members have confirmed that Vimax is a highly reputable male enhancement company that has a team of Doctors who are continually seeking new and improved formulas.

The most recent achievement is a new Vimax Formula that encourages better, faster, and greater results in permanent penis enlargement. Given the average erect penis is only 6 inches, and 90% of men are average, Vimax offers you an opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

Our team members reported a substantial increase in sexual desire and stamina, bigger, and harder erections, intense orgasms, and permanent increases in penis size. In fact, one of our panel members was proud to report he had gained an incredible 3 inches to the erect length of his penis.

Vimax is such an amazing male enhancement product that we reluctantly placed it as number three in our short list of recommended products. But it may well be your first choice.